Kings & Daemons | Book Review

Title: Kings & DaemonsSeries: The Gifted and the Cursed, #1Author: Marcus LeePublished: Self-published May, 2020Length: 416 pagesGenre: Dark epic fantasy The Ember Kingdom is a dark and miserable place. The land is sick, refusing to produce food. The Witch-King’s soldiers are cruel, delighting in violence and suffering. The people have lost hope and will soon be starving to death.… Continue reading Kings & Daemons | Book Review

August Wrap-Up

August was an interesting month for me. This is the first time in a long while that fall doesn’t mean heading back to school, but it did bring about other changes such as moving to a new place. Most of the month, though, was just spent at home, which is why my reading stats are… Continue reading August Wrap-Up

2020 Releases | 5OnMyTBR

Wow, it’s already time for another week of 5OnMyTBR hosted by E. at Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Today we’re looking at 2020 releases which, as it turns out, make up about 20% of my books saved on Goodreads. Narrowing it down to five was a bit too daunting, so instead I’ll be including five recent… Continue reading 2020 Releases | 5OnMyTBR

The Singing Gold | Book Review

Stig lives in a small house with his wife and three children. They have four goats, a few chickens, and scant else to their name. The winter has been long, and finding any amount of food will be a struggle until summer. So when a group of dwarves comes along offering to pay Stig for guidance through the forest, he has almost no choice but to agree…

July Wrap-Up

It’s once again time for my monthly wrap-up! July was a great month for me in both reading and reviewing books, though unfortunately not in doing any other productive things. Reading Stats In July I read 15 books, one of which was a graphic novel. In total I read 3,457 pages and listened to 60… Continue reading July Wrap-Up


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