Framed | Friday Face Off

Welcome to Friday Face Off, a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy and hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog. This week’s prompt is:


This prompt can be interpreted in several ways. It made me think of a picture frame, and that instantly reminded me of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, a book I’ve been meaning to read soon for a while now. There are 7,524 versions of this book listed on Goodreads, so we obviously won’t look at all of them, but I’ve picked out some of the more interesting ones.

For the most part, each cover features either a vaguely handsome dude or the horrible face of his portrait. It seems classics are hard to make covers for. Most either look outdated or too modern.

I have to give an honorable mention to the clothbound Penguin Classics edition with the peacock feathers because this is the edition that I’d probably buy if money weren’t an issue. I’ve seen these editions in booklikewhoa‘s videos, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I like that the Wordsworth Classics edition includes both Dorian and his portrait. The Random House edition is nice and simple, but I don’t like how the title covers half of his face.

In the end, my favorite is the Portuguese edition from 1998. It’s simple without being minimalist and manages to look classic without being outdated.

Which cover is your favorite? Have you read this classic? (I swear I’m going to. It just keeps getting pushed back on my TBR.)

2 thoughts on “Framed | Friday Face Off”

  1. Wow that English 2005 one is creepy!
    I like the English 2011’s art style a lot, but not sure if it really fits the book that well (not that I’ve read it, I mostly know Dorian from Penny Dreadful and Sabrina )
    Also oohhh you picked a Romanian cover in the big list! Yey!

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  2. LOL some of these are so bizarre. The Lithuanian looks like erotica and English 2011 one looks like something you might see hanging from a really cheap faux jazz restaurant in the 1990s. I always think that classics have so much potential, design-wise. But I guess there’s only so much you can do with a hot guy and a picture frame.

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