Mid-Year Reading Stats

I use a spreadsheet to keep track of a good number of stats about the books I read, and now I get to share those with all of you! My spreadsheet is based on a template made by Kal @ Reader Voracious which you can find here.

For me mid-year stats is actually May to mid July stats because I didn’t really start reading until May. I’ve read 37 books in total so far this year (one of which I DNFed).

Number of books vs. Month. April: 3, May: 13, June: 14, July: 7

Can we hit 15 in July?

Books by Genre. Fantasy: 51.4%, Science Fiction: 24.3%, Romance: 5.4%, Thriller: 5.4%, Contemporary: 5.4%, Mystery: 2.7%, Memoir: 2.7%, Historical Fiction: 2.7%

As one might expect, fantasy and scifi make up the majority of what I read along with one or two books in a number of other genres. I try to categorize things by what the primary genre is (eg. fantasy romance vs romantic fantasy), but sometimes it’s a bit ambiguous. (Sorry for the clashing colors!)

Ratings Breakdown. 5 Stars: 7, 4.5 Stars: 7, 4 Stars: 11, 3.5 Stars: 1, 3 Stars: 7, 2.5 Stars: 1, 2 Stars: 2

Thankfully, I’m enjoying most of the books that I read! However, I imagine this graph will become a little less skewed as the year goes on simply because the more books I read the less likely I am to love every one of them.

Reading by age range. Adult: 29, Young adult: 8

Not a great deal of variety here. Adult is definitely my favorite.

Reading by publishing year. 2020: 14, 2015-2019: 18, 2000-2014: 2, before 2000: 3

Mostly very recent books. I didn’t realize how much of my reading is 2020 releases.

Reading by source: review copy: 19, borrowed: 15, purchased: 1, gift: 1

Review copies include Netgalley ARCs and books I get through book tours or directly from the author in order to review them. As you can tell, I’m much more likely to read a book I borrowed from the library than one I bought. Due dates are a great motivator. But don’t let this fool you, I have purchased about 50 books this year, mostly free or discounted ebooks.

Reading by format. ebook: 25, audiobook: 11, hardcover: 1

My physical books feel very neglected (though I don’t have access to that many of them at the moment).

Reading by page count. less than 200: 8, 200 to 500: 23, over 500: 6

I guess this is just a bell curve. I might have to break it down into more segments for it to be meaningful.

Owned Books vs. Read. Owned read: 21.8%, Owned TBR: 78.2%

This is a somewhat off because I don’t have any of my older books in my spreadsheet yet. Still, I feel like over 20% isn’t actually terrible.

Review copies read vs. tbr. Read: 18, TBR: 15

This also gives me hope!

Reading by author gender. Women: 54.1%, men: 43.2%, nonbinary: 2.7%

This is a pretty good split, though I’d definitely like to find some more nonbinary and gender fluid authors!

New to me author: yes: 83.8%, no: 16.2%

The “not new to me” category is pretty much just made up of sequels. Once again, I think this will change a bit as I become more well read and find more new favorite authors.

selfpub? yes: 24.3%, no: 75.7%

I’m a bit surprised by how high this percentage is, but I think a quarter of my reads being selfpub is a great goal!

Reviewed? Yes: 70.3%, No: 29.7%

I don’t require myself to review every book I read, but a good number of the ones I haven’t reviewed yet are ones I’m going to.

LGBTQ+ Rep. Yes: 43.2%, No: 56.8%

I thought this might be a little bit higher. I’ll just have to read more diverse books in the next half of the year!

POC Author. Yes: 13.5%, No: 86.5%

As you can see, an appallingly overwhelming percentage of my reading this year has been by white authors. This is the only stat in this list that I’m ashamed of, but I’m going to use that motivation to at least double the percent of books by authors of color that I have read by the end of the year.

Did any of these stats surprise you? Do you like to keep track of your reading stats? What are some more stats that I should add to my spreadsheet? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to see you in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Mid-Year Reading Stats”

  1. Ooh this is really interesting!! I have a sneaking suspicion though that diversity isn’t going to be very well represented in my statistics. I rarely look into an author prior to reading a book so only ever come to the realisation after the fact! Must do better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I used to be the exact same way and have only recently been getting more in the habit of looking into authors beforehand because I’d like to prioritize own voices stories. But keeping track makes me a lot more cognizant of it so that I see the need to improve and also get to celebrate as I do better!

      Liked by 1 person

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